Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Whole Kit and Caboodle…

You’ve booked your Just Walk place, your training is underway but how else can you prepare for the big day? 

A big part of being prepared for any physical challenge is making sure you have the right equipment for the job. Not only will it give you more confidence in taking part in the challenge; as the saying goes, you need to ‘dress for success’, but by having the right kit, it will ensure you are as comfortable as can be when taking part in the Just Walk challenge.

Using our experience of the event and speaking with our ‘Just Walker’s’, here are the essentials you will need to bring with you on the day:

What to wear on a long walk (kit check): 

Comfortable sturdy walking boots (rather than trainers), preferably waterproof. We recommend you buy the best pair of walking boots you can afford. They need to support your feet, keep them warm and dry, and most importantly they should feel comfortable! Now is the perfect time to buy them so you can train in them, and 'break them in' to minimise blisters on the day.
Thin lightweight trousers or shorts. Whatever you choose to wear, ensure you train in the clothes you will wear on the day to minimise friction burn and chafing.
Walking socks. Try a few options out first to see what suits your feet and boots. A good pair of socks absorb shock, help prevent blisters, regulate temperature and promote good circulation
Layers of clothing. At least two thin top layers, so you can adjust your temperature more easily.
A lightweight, zip-up jumper. A medium fleece top would be perfect and the zip-up enables you to adjust the airflow to your body.
Walking poles. A personal choice as to whether you will find these useful. Give them a go in your training programme and see how you get on with them, they can be very beneficial in hill climbing and descending.

Top Tip: Wear every item of clothing you are planning to wear on the day, on at least 3 training walks. There is nothing worse than an annoying label you discover a mile in to the walk!

What to carry on a long walk (useful items):

Waterproof jacket and trousers
Sunhat, with rim if possible
A couple of spare top layers including a warm fleece (see above)
Sun lotion / block
Spare walking socks
Water bottle or Camelback/Platypus style container that holds 2 litres (something that can be refilled at power stations)
Small first aid kit (plasters and Vaseline for potential chafing)
Mobile phone (fully charged)
Spare money, just in case
Snacks to sustain energy

Top Tip: Choose a rucksack that is lightweight yet strong. Padded shoulder straps and a harness that goes around your chest and stomach to give your back added support helps distribute the weight of items inside your bag, making it easier to walk and maintain energy levels.

Now you have your kit checklist (not including the kitchen sink) to get your prepared for the big day, it leaves us with just one last message…

“Good luck and enjoy!

We can’t wait to say hello to everyone and cheer you round the course, roll on Saturday 13th May!”