Monday, 27 November 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) by our Just Walk walkers

Below are some of the answers to the questions that we are asked about the most from people thinking about joining the Just Walk challenge.

Can I do this challenge?
Yes! Due to the nature of our challenge and the fact that we have various routes for all abilities, from the novice walker to the seasoned-pro, we truly believe that you can find a walk suitable for your fitness level and goal.

Do I need to raise money for a charity?
No, not if you don’t want to. You can do this as a personal challenge and find out just how far you can push yourself, or if you would like to, you can raise money for a worthy cause close to your heart.

Can I support any charity?
Yes, the great thing about this event is that you can raise money for any charity of your choice. You pay the event fee to enter directly to us and all the money you then raise you can give directly to your chosen charity – there are no extra costs.

I’m interested – now what do I do?
It’s simple, you can book your place today either online or call us on 01297 300 504. As soon as your registration is received we’ll send out confirmation, plus an event pack, updates and information throughout the build-up to the event.

What’s included? 
You will have full ‘Just Walk’ support and advice throughout plus marshalled checkpoints along the route with drinks, snacks, (these vary from route to route) logistical and medical support, big smiles and lots of encouragement. When you cross the finishing line you will receive a Just Walk medal plus a certificate emailed out to you after the event. Once you have booked your place join your relevant Facebook group page, where you’ll receive training tips, kit advice, route information and have the chance to chat with other Just Walkers before the event.

Why have the distances changed for 2018?
If you are a previous ‘Just Walker’ you may have noticed, we have extended the distances on 3 of our routes for 2018. You can now choose to walk 10km, 25km, 35km, 45km or the BIG 60km and enjoy the stunning scenery across the South Downs for longer. We are always looking to enhance your Just Walk experience and ensure you have the best day possible; by adjusting the distances it means we can provide further support during your walk.

What time will the event start?
The 35km, 45km and 60km routes start between 08:00-08:30
The 25km and 10km routes start between 10:00–10:30
Please note, however, that timings are subject to change and we will notify you in advance if this is the case.

You will need to sign in on the day at Goodwood Racecourse between 06:30-07:30 for the 35km, 45km and 60km routes and between 08:40–09:40 for the 25km and 10km routes.
Please allow yourself plenty of time to sign in. It is also very important that you do not start the walk without signing in!

How long will the walk take me?
This will depend a lot on your experience, the conditions on the day and your fitness. The table below will give you a guide based on previous years’ walkers.

Faster Speeds
Average Speeds
Slower Speeds
10km finish time (having started at 10:00)
Around 11:15
Around 12:00 – 13:00

Around 14:00 
25km finish time (having started at 10:00)
Around 11.45
Around 13:00 – 14:00
Around 15:00
35km finish time (having started at 08:00)
Around 12:00
Around 13:00 – 14:00
Around 17:00
45km finish time (having started at 08:00)
Around 14:00
Around 15:30 – 17:30
Around 20:00
60km finish time (having started at 08:00)
Around 18:00
Around 20:30 – 22:30
Around 02:00 (Sunday 13th)

How fit do I need to be?
All of the routes chosen have been designed to be challenging yet achievable as long as you have been training beforehand and are realistic about your level of fitness. Also, the great thing to remember about these walks is that it’s not a race, so you can walk at your own pace and enjoy the day.

Is there an age limit to Just Walk?
Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult on all walking routes. No under 16’s are allowed on the 35km, 45km and 60km routes. There is no upper age limit but everyone's medical condition is taken into account when being permitted to take part in the walk.

What equipment will I need?
A good, decent pair of walking boots and walking socks are essential, and it is vital that you train in them so they are already broken in for the day to avoid blisters and general discomfort. A lightweight rucksack and lightweight clothing are recommended. We also advise you dress in layers so you can easily remove or add layers depending on temperature change. Waterproofs are a must!

What will I need to carry?
We recommend you carry a rucksack for the items you might need throughout the day such as food, drink, first-aid kit, sun cream, sun hat, wet weather gear and of course your camera.

Will there be food and drink available?
For those walking the 35km, 45km and the 60km race there will be hot breakfast rolls and drinks provided at the start. For all other routes, you will receive a free hot drink and you can buy food onsite. 

Checkpoints along the route will have drinks and snacks, plus a packed lunch on route for all those walking the 25km, 35km, 45km and 60km routes 

For 45km walkers, there will be hot soup and for the 60km walkers, there will also be a hot meal served on route included as part of your registration fee.

Are dogs allowed?
Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed on this walking challenge. However, there will be an exception for working dogs for the deaf or blind. Please do not bring your dogs and leave them in the car.

Is Just Walk suitable for wheelchairs or buggies?
Unfortunately, due to stiles and the terrain on the walking routes, they are not suitable for either wheelchairs nor buggies.

I’m a bit nervous about walking on my own, do you have any advice?
Don’t be nervous, there will be lots of people in the same position as you, so we are sure you will meet someone else to buddy up with. We have always found participants to be very friendly and always willing to help one another around the route.

What support is there on the day of the event?
You will be fully supported throughout your Just Walk challenge. We have checkpoints across all routes that will be fully marshalled with drinks, snacks, logistical and medical support as well as lots of encouragement. We also have a safety back up team, plus a full medical support team should you need it.

What if the weather is bad on the day?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee good weather. Only in the event of very severe weather conditions and a warning issued for that area will the event be cancelled. We recommend that you look at the weather forecast in the days prior to the event and wear suitable clothing as recommended in your kit list. Remember to bring kit that prepares you for all weather conditions as the weather can quickly change.

I can no longer participate in the walk, am I entitled to a refund?
We will offer a 50% refund if you cancel your place on the walk up to 28 days in advance (before Saturday 14th April 2017). Any places that are cancelled within 28 days of the walk are not entitled to any refund. Full terms and conditions can be found in your event pack which you will receive once you have registered.

How do I go about raising the sponsorship?
All charities will want to know that you are taking part in a fundraising event for them and it is a good idea to make contact early on. Once you are signed up, contact the charity (their contact details can be found on their website) and tell them about Just Walk. Ask for a fundraising pack which will include sponsor forms, and ask if they are associated with an online giving site such as Just Giving. If they wish to know more about the event, please ask them to contact us directly and we will be happy to answer their questions. It is important to remember to send all of the money you have raised directly to the charity and not to us at Just Walk, Across the Divide.

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